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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Poker Mania

Do you ever feel like a nice game of poke but get restricted because your friends are not ready to accompany you to the casinos? Or worse there are no casinos in your city? Well fear not because we have the solution to your problem and it’s called online poker! It is the game of poker played over the Internet. It has been partly responsible for a huge increase in the number of poker player’s worldwide.

Online poker games have gained immense popularity in recent years. Many new poker websites like Thrill poker have emerged and promise authentic poker experience to the players. You no longer have to travel long distances and reach a casino to enjoy your favorite game of poker. Instead, you can play poker without bothering about the venue.

Online poker on Thrill Poker can be as much fun as the next game of poker played in a casino, you don’t have the lavish casino settings around you but you can play this game from the comforts of your home or better yet your bed and that’s some luxury! Online poker can help you sharpen your skills as you may be pitched against different types of players ranging from beginners to pros.

The increasing popularity of online poker is due to the fact that it is fair to all, be it an amateur or a professional; they all get a chance to win equally. People who start winning on a regular basis are more prone to a reckless play. The lure of the win can to get to them, without fully acknowledging its terrible consequences.

Poker online can be a little different than poker played in a casino, you can’t read your opponents body language. However, if you are a novice it’s the best place to learn and simultaneously earn in the same game too. You can choose the level of difficulty and be placed on a table accordingly.

Learning the rules of the game is easy. However, you need patience, discipline and practice to gain mastery. You can find useful information online that can help you learn the game. Poker cheat sheet can also prove to be very helpful when it comes to leaning the game. Gaining an understanding of ‘the flop’, ‘the river’ and other basic terms is important.

Before you begin to play poker for money, you need to have a strong foundation. So, know your limitations and practice responsible gaming to enjoy online poker the right way.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Freeroll Hold’em Poker

A “freeroll” is a free poker tournament that doesn’t have an entry fee but pays the winner (or winners) in real money or at least in a “real-money value” prize like a tournament-entry ticket or some poker merchandise.

Free poker tournaments come in all shapes and sizes, but typically offer a prize pool of a few hundred dollars. At any size, they’re by far the best way to build your bankroll from scratch and improve your game without risking any of your own money.

How to Qualify for Freerolls?

Just sign up for Thrill poker’s online freeroll poker tournaments available exclusively on Texas hold’em game. Thrill poker offers exclusive freerolls for new players or players who have been a part of texas hold’em game on the website recently. It's also possible to qualify by generating a certain amount of frequent player points on the site.

Where Can you find the Best Freerolls?

Thrill poker is your one stop shop for all the online poker enthusiasts to keep updated and participate in various online poker games and on freerolls for texas hold’em.

Thrill Poker is one of the foremost providers of online poker game to the Indian market. Thrill holds a cumulative experience of 45 years in the online gaming and lotteries business in Europe. They are dedicated to bringing you the most fair, secure, competitive and entertaining platforms for online poker. Tried their very best to ensure that their customers never fall behind in the quality and fairness of gaming that the industry is exposed to.

Thrill poker has taken great care to provide the players with the leading, best in class poker platform that is sure to enhance your online gaming experience. Thrill operates on poker software that has been painstakingly developed by a team of global professionals in online gaming, with the result that they are the most user friendly platform available online.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

3 Tips for ensuring win in Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament

Tips do not come with strict guidelines. Therefore, it can be altered according to the nature and requirement of Texas Hold’em Poker Game. Through tips, players can be helped to a great extent in due course.

In case you are interested in Online Poker Game, then Texas Hold’em can be tried. Unique and excusive tricks are often created by professional. Success of the tip depends on the situation and playing style. According to strategy, some of these tips can be created as well. The poker game can be played just as a form of relaxation. However, it can be played to earn money as well.
Effective tips and tricks of Texas Hold’em poker

1. Professional and experienced Texas Hold’em poker players have advised to play with a high hand from the beginning of the game. It is better to show aggressiveness in the process. More amount of money must be ensured early in the pot with this strategy. Presence of weak players can be eliminated easily. However, lower pair can be seen effective in the latter half of the game in some occasion. In case, there is no high hand within the game then chances of low pot can be noticed.

2. During a draw from two ways following to a flop, it is necessary to play online poker game uncompromisingly and strictly. Flush must be done in addition to trips out and straight. Either bet or raise command can be given afterwards.

3. In the Texas Hold’em Poker game, a bet can be made with high cards or ace after flop. However, the situation of flop may not be related with medium or low value of unrelated cards.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Tips to Play Online Poker

In a relaxed fashion, few interesting tips to Play Online Poker can be learned. From the experts, it is possible to know about these tips easily. However, notes about the poker tips can be taken during the game as well. Popularity of Poker in India has been increasing at an accelerated rate. From mistakes, players can learn certain things as well.


Both the dedication and skill is necessary to Play Online Poker. Some difference can be made with sheer volume. It is a concept that can be utilized perfectly in due course. In certain time of a year, player must concentrate on the volume.

Time management

Through video games, mind is sensitized. Therefore, power of the video games must be understood in due course. Sense to conduct a normal life is often hampered. Therefore, time management is seen as an important and essential quality. Life can be maintained effectively in this way. From the site of Poker in India, it is possible to get different kinds of poker games quite naturally.


Due to familiarity with the interface, some advantages can be guaranteed. It becomes to Play Online Poker. Introduction of the poker must be done in a routine way. The poker game can be played at a regular time. Things can be processed gradually in the process.

Begin with a small bet

In order to learn, it is better to take small step at a time. To become an expert in poker, it is necessary to give enough time for the game. Tiny amount of money can be used as a bed in the beginning. In case, you have lost money in the beginning. 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Play the Game not for the heck of it

Playing games is fun. Playing games online is much more fun and thrilling. Imagine playing games and winning money? That is exhilarating.

Play Online Poker either for fun or for the thrill of winning money. Poker is a popular game that is played in the casinos. Since the time internet invaded our homes, gaming too moved online. So, people these days play poker online.

Poker in India isn’t as popular as it is in the west. Cricket and other sports occupy centre-stage and this is not going to change any time soon. Yet, we can see a few games trying to create space for themselves in the crowd. One of them is poker. Unknown to many, there are poker professionals who participate in tournaments worldwide. They travel to new locations and play with other real players, professional like them.

It hasn’t taken on the form of mainstream sports. There’s still a long way to go. But the start has been made. Thrill Poker is one such company that is driven by enthusiasts of the game. They played poker themselves and wanted others to enjoy it too. They came up with the site developed well to allow poker beginners to start off. One can join the site and play for a small fee.

Though Poker in India isn’t seen as a money spinner like cricket or tennis, there is potential in the game to make a few fans out of its players. There is the thrill of playing and winning, for money’s sake. One has to play once to understand if it has what it takes to keep him hooked. Play Online Poker for fun. Introduce your friends to Thrill poker and let them explore the game.

A few wins and a few losses don’t change life. It’s the fun and thrill of playing that matters.  

Friday, 4 March 2016

Play Games from the confines of your home – Thrill Poker

Team Thrill is a group of people who are enthusiastic about the game and take it seriously. They play tournaments and go around the world participating. That is a new offering from Thrill Poker. They are a company that offers online gaming.

Poker Game Online isn’t so popular in India. Thrill Poker is a gaming site that is trying to make gaming popular. Their objective is to make it more known and enjoyed.

Outside of India, poker is played at homes too. People visit casinos to have some fun. Poker India is yet to pick up. But the attempt is on. Thrill Poker is a gaming site that allows people to enroll and play for a small fee. One can play against the computer or with online competitors.

Playing is all about winning. But there are times when we have to lose. It should not be a “be all, end all” situation. One can concede defeat and go on to win the next time. This is what professionals understand. They play for the fun and of course money.

Taking poker to homes of millions of Indians is an objective of the team in Thrill Poker.  They know that the journey will be long but they are prepared. Playing online from the comfort of one’s home is the biggest draw in such online gaming.

There’s no need to travel to Vegas just to try one’s hand at poker. All those Hollywood movies that portray the actors playing games around round tables need not be just scenes from movies. Poker India is catching up slowly. More and more people are getting to know about Poker Game Online. This is bringing them to Thrill Poker. Thanks to Thrill Poker, we will someday play poker professionally like other countries.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Thrill Poker- Freeroll Your Poker Tournament Today

Thrill Poker is one of the newest Online Poker Tournaments that are gaining increasing popularity in Indian poker market. There are several features incorporated with Thrill Poker that has made its various Online Poker Tournaments attractive and delightful for the Indian players. Let’s have a look at the special features of Thrill Poker.

·         Compatible to Play with All Platforms

The main reason for remaining these poker tournaments on top of the line because you don’t need to download any software painfully in your device. Rather you just start playing them through instant-play software that is compatible with all platforms including Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.

·         User-Friendly Interface

Among the Indian poker enthusiasts, Thrill Poker brings different types of Freeroll Poker Tournaments maintaining the same level as international Online Freeroll Poker Tournaments so that these can be accessible to the global players easily. Along with the user-friendly interface, the network performance helps the players to play top of the line poker games as per their wish.

·         Wide Range of Popular Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Thrill Poker offers its wide range of poker players to play various types of games. You will find multiple tourney actions and different Site Goals that will certainly provide you a thrilling gaming experience. Popular Online Freeroll Poker Tournaments like Texas Holdem, House of Cards, Big Night, Super Turbo Satellite to Big Night, Morning Madness and many more are there to offer for its players. Moreover, Thrill Poker is constantly working on to expand the variation of its gaming menus. 

Thrill Poker is a popular online gaming platform that offers its users to play a wide range of Online Freeroll Poker Tournaments without downloading the software, rather the users will play top of the line through instant-play software.